JFCS Goes Green


JFCS are a forward thinking company, and are always looking for ways to improve our services and the potential impact our footprint may have on the environment. Within an urban setting – especially property professionals – must make an increasing commitment to reduce carbon omissions and, therefore, the effect it is having on climate change. We have decided to do something about our working habits.

Accordingly, JFCS are reviewing company policy because of the above agenda, particularly when we take-up occupation of our new premises in Newcastle.

And so, henceforth, JFCS have pledged to put our offices onto the ‘green tariff’, that is to say, all services (electricity, gas etc) are only commissioned from suppliers using ‘renewables’. Furthermore, we are looking to replace all vehicles with energy efficient, low-emission alternatives such as hybrid and electric.

We will also enthusiastically encourage our clients to follow suit, wherever possible and practical.