JFCS Attend Disclosure and Confidentiality Advantages Seminar by Edwin Glasgow, CBE, QC.


Over fifty percent of JFCS projects require Expert Surveys or Single Joint Expert work. It’s important that we stay fully informed and up-to-date so accordingly, we grabbed the opportunity to attend an informative seminar on the 10th of October by keynote speaker Edwin Glasgow, CBE, QC.

Edwin presented a seminar on disclosure and confidentiality advantages to the expert in arbitration rather than litigation – and the consequences of party and tribunal appointments.

Because of that seminar, we learnt that a good number of ‘experts’ are now refusing to take instructions if there is a likely prospect of court attendance. Why? Because their reputations could be left in tatters in a matter of minutes. Edwin mentioned that the Court or arbitration panels do not remember the clever legal arguments put forward by the lawyers, merely the creditability of the expert.

This is excellent news for JFCS, as we step in where others now fear. For arbitration matters and pre-litigation surveying advice please contact Marcus Clark.

Pictured left to right: Seamus O’Doherty and Marcus Clark at the seminar at the central London branch of Chartered Arbitrators.

The inspiring landscape of London, courtesy of a smartphone owned by Marcus.