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RICS Homebuyer Surveys

Why Homebuyer Surveys Can Be Invaluable

Purchasing a property is a huge decision, whether it’s your first home or an additional property, and professional advice can be vital to ensure you get the best possible deal and avoid any potential hidden issues. Whilst lenders require a mortgage valuation for their own benefit, many only obtain an Automated Valuation, meaning that they never set foot in the property, never mind inspecting it thoroughly.

That’s why it’s always important to have someone looking after your interests as a buyer and the best way to do that is to ensure you have a thorough survey carried out on your behalf, offering you the best information possible when it comes to the property value, as well as identifying any potential defects or future issues you may not know about.

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The importance of getting a home survey

Choosing the right survey

Not sure what type of Survey you need? This leaflet from the RICS gives a brief overview of each service.

See the RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation description of service.

A Survey For Every Situation

We provide the full range of RICS Surveys, detailed below, all professionally inspected by an RICS Chartered Surveyor, with expert local knowledge, so that you can purchase your property with complete confidence.

  • Level 1 – RICS Condition Report: A straightforward survey of the condition of the property, as well as advice on purchasing and potential future problems. Most suited to recently built properties in reasonable condition.
  • Level 2 – RICS Homebuyer Survey (with or without valuation): A more detailed survey of the property that includes additional information on how to avoid potential future problems, advice on any required repairs or ongoing maintenance, local information, legal issues and more. This includes an independent valuation and a reinstatement value for insurance purposes. Suited to traditionally built properties, up to 140 years old, with potential problems or as peace of mind.
  • Level 3 – RICS Building Survey: An in-depth, extremely thorough survey of a broad range of conceivable issues, including those that may only arise in the future, along with advice on potential structural repair costs and more. This used to be referred to as a Structural Survey and is well suited to older or unusual properties, as well as those in significant disrepair or that have had a number of alterations over the years. Essential for properties over 140 years old. An independent valuation, reinstatement value and repair costs can also be included.

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